FiberSKY Networks is a Broadband Network Platform called "Digital Domes" comprised of integrated information technology services and IoT system integration. The Company’s primarily design concept involves the development of right sized Digital Domes. Secure broadband network systems capable of delivering compliant data packets over the network called FiberSKY. This unique proprietary design is capable of utilizing multiple IoT technologies for the enhancement of deploying, controlling and securing the “Last Mile” Digital Dome connectivity of advanced high speed services to digitally deprived residential and commercial Clients. The FiberSKY system incorporates multiple technologies such as Long Haul IXC, fiber optics, licensed and unlicensed Wireless frequencies, ISP and existing RBOC owned service networks to produce an efficient, secure and scalable broadband connection any where there is a patient requiring monitoring. Once established, the network will deploy the latest generation of high speed Internet, voice over Internet (VoIP), video transmission to HIPPA standards while serving Digital Dome applications throughout the World.


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